Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression gives one the right to insult?

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The moderator's result remarks

Barrister Atif Mian

After almost three weeks of extensive, well-articulated and coherent arguments from both sides, the debate “Freedom of expression gives one the right to insult” comes to an end and voting is now closed.

Since the commencement of the debate, the voting statistics have been inclined towards the opposition. 81% of the participants in the end have sided against the motion, represented by Dr. James Doig, concluding that freedom of expression does not give one the right to insult. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to ignore the remaining 19% of participants’ views siding with Ms. Hilary Stauffer in favour of the motion.

Even though the debate concluded against the motion, we were still able to learn and explore this timely issue from various perspectives. In doing so, there was some common ground between the two sides. Likewise, the productive reasoning brought forward some important arguments and factual evidence that broadened the understanding of our audience, who followed and participated in the debate with great zeal.

In order to view the full arguments presented by both sides and remarks by our featured guests, please visit the respective debate pages.

From The Muslim Debate and myself, I would like to thank our respected debaters, Ms. Hilary Stauffer and Dr. Jameson Doig for their valuable contributions. Dr. Brian Klug, Prof. Geoffrey Stone and Ms. Lauren Booth for their excellent participation. And to our wonderful audience, who have supported this debate throughout the past weeks by their energetic participation via votes and comments. We hope this debate was successful as a tool helping towards better understanding of this timely issue affecting everyone around the world.

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