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Islamic Finance is ready to drive a State's economic system?

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The moderator's result remarks

Asim Faheem

After twenty days of lively discussion about the challenges as well as prospects of Islamic Finance, our debate has come to an end. The voting has now closed and, by a very small margin, the audience have concluded that Islamic Finance is ready to drive a State’s economic system.

From the beginning, it was a very close competition between the two sides as both of our debaters managed to get ahead of each other a couple of times. However, in the end, 52% of the majority believes that despite the existing challenges to the contemporary practice of Islamic Finance, it is ready to drive a State’s economic system.

Nevertheless, we can’t eliminate the other 48% of the views put forward by our audience and defended by Prof. Habib Ahmed, that Islamic Finance has some significant areas of improvement before it can be implemented as a State’s economic system. This was witnessed by the debater’s statements as well as opinions of the audience submitted in the comments section.

I’d like to thank Mr. Mubarak and Prof. Ahmed for their precious contributions, to our guest, Dr. Gerhard Bowering for his excellent participation, and you, our respected readers, voters and commentators for participating in what has been an insightful discussion on a particularly pressing issue faced by the Muslim community.

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