Refugee Crisis

Refugees should always be accepted by other countries?

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M. Hamza Iftikhar

After twenty days of extensive debate featuring well-articulated and coherent arguments from both sides, the debate: “Refugees should always be accepted by other countries?” comes to an end.

Throughout the debate we observed that majority of the participating audience have been inclined towards the proposition. The voting statistics show that in the end, 73% of those who voted have sided for the motion, debated by Dr. Kirsten McConnachie, concluding that refugees should always be accepted by other countries. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the remaining 27% who voted against the motion, debated by Mr. David Goodhart.

The nature of the debate and the fact that people all around the world took part in it by voicing their opinions through votes and comments, shows us how global and significant are the refugee crisis and the need for this debate. Thanks to both our debaters and the guests, we were able to explore the conceptual and empirical challenges that persist in this debate. In doing so, many questions were answered and many concepts got cleared up regarding the refugees and their right to seek asylum in other countries. Despite various disagreements, the opposition also seemed to agree that refugees should at least be temporarily granted refuge by other countries if they face persecution in their home countries. Likewise, the productive reasoning brought about some important arguments and factual evidence that broadened the understanding of our audience, who followed and participated in the debate with great enthusiasm.

In order to read full statements and arguments presented by both sides as well as our guests, please visit the respective debate pages through the navigation bar above.

On behalf of MUSLIM Institute and The Muslim Debate, I would like to thank our respected debaters, Dr. Kirsten McConnachie and Mr. David Goodhart for their commendable contributions. To Ambassador Tariq Osman Hyder and Dr. J. Olaf Kleist for their valuable intervention as featured guests. And to our wonderful audience around the world who have participated in this online debate through their enthusiastic input via votes and comments. We truly hope that this debate proves successful in its objective to act as a tool for a better understanding and solution of the global refugee crisis.

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