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This privacy policy applies to all users of this website it governs the collection and use of personal information of the users.  All users who wish to comment must get register with a valid email address. User email address will not be made public only his/her user name will appear against his/her comments. User details will not be passed to third parties and will be stored only for static and administrative purposes. We will never sell your data to third parties and not share your details without your prior knowledge.

All debaters and guests have independent opinions institute, organiser/s, administrator/s and moderator/s will not be responsible for their opinions.  Debaters, guests and users’ statements and comments are their independent thoughts, opinions, beliefs, viewpoints and do not reflect institute, organisers or administrators’ policy.

Comments Policy

We encourage our users to comment on debates and leave their feedback as comments play vital role in opinion making of others.

As an independent, non-biased, non-profit institute, to promote healthy debates and good practices, we do not allow anyone to make offensive, harassing, abusive, threatening, personal, sectarian, promotional, hatred or anonymous comments. Comments must be made in formal English language and should directly address the Moderator. Question/s or opinion/s should not be directed towards invited guests as guests do not have the opportunity to respond to those questions. Also, comments should not address other public commentators.

Comments should represent independent opinion of the maker and must not represent persons or group of persons. Comments are responsibility of the maker and not of the institute, organiser/s, administrator/s or moderator/s. By commenting you agree its contents are yours and so the liability.

If anyone makes comments against the policy, the administrator/s, organiser/s, moderator/s reserve the right to remove, delete, block, edit or censor the same. Institute, organiser/s and administrator/s also have discretion to block any user/users permanently from making comments if user comments are against policy.


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