What does The Muslim Debate do?

The Muslim Debate is an online debate forum that conducts oxford style debates on issues pertaining to the Muslim world.

Who is incharge?

The forum is created under the auspices of MUSLIM Institute

Who are the team members and moderators?

The team members and moderators are researchers and professionals associated with MUSLIM Institute having diversified backgrounds with expert opinion and ample experience in the fields of philosophy, Islamic jurisprudence, history, politics, theology, social and natural sciences. 

Who are the debaters and guests?

The debaters and guests are professionals, intellectuals, scholars, academics, analysts, philosophers and scientists from different fields and disciplines who are experts on the subject debate.    

How is The Muslim Debate funded?

The Muslim Debate is funded through donations from its members, individuals from general public and organisations who believe in our vision, mission and objectives. 

Is The Muslim Debate part of any government?

The Muslim Debate is a not for profit, non-government and non-political medium.   

Does The Muslim Debate follow any particular sect or school of thought?

The forum does not follow any specific sect or school of thought and refrains from conducting debates on controversial issues developed due to sectarian differences.   

How can I contribute?

The Muslim Debate forum is always on the lookout for people who can positively contribute to our vision, to find out more on how you can contribute please go to Get involved page.

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