Curiosity is at the origin of all human knowledge; it was this inquisitiveness which propelled the classical Muslim civilisation to its peak.

The Muslim Debate envisages itself as being a catalyst in the renaissance of Islamic intellect.

Mission Statement

“He who has been given wisdom has been given a great good” Quran (2:269)

The Muslim Debate pursues reviving the Muslim intellectual culture of scientific research and methodology that encourages the power of ideas, spirit of questioning and satisfies the tenacity of acquiring knowledge for the progress of Muslims and the world at large.


  1. Explore the imminent challenges to Muslims through debating and impartial arbitration of discussions.
  2. Conduct critical evaluation of established concepts, constructs, theories, principles and laws in the light of Islamic revealed knowledge.
  3. Investigate the deliberations made during the arguments by scrutinising the evidence credentials, claims and counter claims, methodology in research, line of thought and scholarly practice.
  4. Propagating Islamic thinking to raise awareness on the richness of the Islamic heritage, its role and importance by presenting Islam not just a set of religious beliefs, but a set of ideas, ethics and ideals encompassing all aspects of human life.
  5. Evaluate the debates, discussions and hypothesis in the context of epistemology to arrive on constructive conclusions that can voice the public opinion to the expert cadres of policy making.
  6. Develop links and networks to facilitate and propagate exchange of research findings.

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