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The Muslim Debate is a public debate forum of MUSLIM Institute, a research based think tank centred in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Institute is a non-governmental, non-political and not for profit organisation that publicises research and advocacy on issues pertaining to Unity, Stability and Leadership within the Muslim world.  The institute believes in unbiased and independent research, productive argumentation and dialogue.  The research findings of the institute are disseminated through reports, articles, papers, documentaries, and briefs as printed materials and through online media.

The Muslim Debate is positioned on the ideology of independent reasoning and works freedom of thought, rational thinking and the quest for truth through an epistemology covering science, rationalism, human experience and critical thinking. The Independent reasoning that goes beyond religious and juristic knowledge consistent with the original spirit of inquiry that was brilliantly demonstrated by classical Islamic civilisation at its peak.

The forum provides an opportunity for experimenting free thinking within the boundaries of Islam by engaging intellectuals, scholars, academics, analysts, and professionals in a dialogue to debate and determine a course of action in resolving issues faced by the Muslim community. The medium takes a multifaceted approach in its research with scholarly methodology and scientific inquiry and presents a holistic view to stimulate the thinking of Muslim masses.

It takes an initiative to address new challenges in the context of intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world by examining the contribution of Islam to thought, natural and social sciences and culture; with a view to inducing the Muslim community in securing a distinguished position in these fields.

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